Meet Our Members

We represent a broad cross section of health software providers. Please find below a list of our current members, to find out more about our members or if you are looking for a particular service offering you can search our member profiles for more details.


Hybrid Software Pty Ltd (Trading as Cutting Edge)

Icon Global Solutions


Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems

Integrated Software Solutions Pty Ltd

InterSystems Australia


ISA Healthcare Solutions

Kalesea Pty Ltd

Kestral Computing/LRS Health

Leecare Solutions

Livecare AustraliaLeecare Solutions

Management Advantage Pty Ltd

McCauley Software


Medical IT Pty Ltd

Medical Objects Pty Ltd



MediRecords Pty Ltd

Medisecure Pty Ltd


MEDrefer Pty Ltd

MedTech Healthcare Pty Ltd

Methsof Pty Ltd

Microsoft Pty Ltd

MIMS Australia

Minfos (Symbion Pty Ltd)

Monkey Software Pty Ltd

Mountaintop Systems

MxSolutions Australia Pty Limited

Ocean Informatics