RACGP Workshop: Acceptable Minimum Clinical Information System Requirements

23 January 2018
10am – 3pm
RACGP |100 Wellington Parade East Melbourne

NOTE: New date and venue announced
The RACGP invites MSIA members to participate in a Clinical Information System (CIS) requirements workshop at their Melbourne offices.

The purpose of the workshop is to gauge interest in the idea and commence discussions to determine minimum functionality requirements for general practice clinical software to meet current and future healthcare needs.

The RACGP understand this project may not lead to any outcomes so the workshop is a scoping exercise and opportunity to engage GPs and software providers.

The workshop  will touch on the following points:

  • In Australian general practice, the vast majority of practices use a CIS and they have become vital tools in the delivery of safe and high-quality healthcare and good practice management. Despite this vital role, there is no regulation or set of agreed minimum requirements for what constitutes a safe and effective CIS.
  • Over the last two decades, general practice CISs have evolved in their complexity and functionality and there are numerous products in the Australian market. Over time, multiple options and functions have been incorporated into clinical software.
  • This project provides an opportunity to engage developers and the end users of clinical systems – GPs and the vendor community, in collaboration to determine the need for minimum functionality requirements for general practice clinical software which meet current and future healthcare needs.
  • The focus of this project is on commencing a dialogue between the clinical and vendor community to establish common achievable goals.
  • The plan is to engage with the vendors and to convene a workshop to generate discussion and establish a common view regarding minimum functionality requirements and a report will be delivered to The Australian Digital Health Agency at the end of February.

 Places are limited and the RACGP will cover the cost of airfares for 1 representative from each member organisation. If you would like to attend please register via the below link.

Register Here.

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